Best described as the Uber of Travel and Tours.

TITO is a platform, designed to optimize the booking process between TRAVELERS and HOSTS.

If you are a TRAVELER, TITO is the best place to explore and discover new and exciting travel offers and avail of discounted travels, tours and accommodations from our highly qualified partners

If you are a HOST. TITO is the best platform to place your travel and tour offers, ticket sales, bed & breakfast, resort and hotel rooms. TITO will make sure that you will reach as many travelers possible, both local and abroad. through its intensive marketing and paid advertisements.

With TITO, Travel anywhere..

Fast, Safe & Easy.

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide a market place where TRAVELERS gain access to the best deals and packages offered by our partner HOSTS. The innovative function of our platform is to optimize all the transaction and create a different environment for both Traveler and Host, where every transaction is fast, safe, and easy. We protect and take good care of our our Travelers and we make it sure that we are partner with highly selected businesses and individuals to deliver the best of hospitality services, travel deals and tour packages.

Our objective is not limited in helping our Travelers, we also help our partners by bringing the right customers to their business. Our Host makes an offer and TITO will do the rest. No need for long negotiations. TITO will handle the booking and secure all payments.

Our philosophy is that, life is meant to be enjoyed. That is why we want to eliminate all the hassle that delay and prevent people from taking their well deserve vacation experience.

Meet the Team

TITO was founded by three college friends with different work experiences and expertise. Found themselves with a common interest.. the love to travel. With their shared experiences and passion they created a platform that will optimize travel and tours.


Engr. Bernie Santos

Co-founder / CEO

An Engineer and a Tech Guru. Fifteen years in service at the University of the Philippines. Work as a mentor to small scale businesses. Also work as a College professor teaching Microelectronics. With his very busy work load, a regular out of town trip with loved ones keeps him mentally refreshed.


Engr. Paul Villanueva

President / Co-founder / CFO

An Engineer and a Design Specialist with over fifteen years of experience in the field of electronic design. Spent years of valuable work in the electronic industry in the South East Asia. It's not all work though, he travels the world to satisfy his curiosity and love for different culture.


Engr. Nel Manalo

Founder / COO

Entrepreneur and former Telecommunications Engineer in the Middle East. Worked for a Major Telecom Company and made several government projects as a network engineer. When not at work you will find him in the great outdoor discovering new adventures.

Be Our Partner

If you are an Operator for Travel and Tours, Hotel, Resort, Staycation, Bed and Breakfast,  Car Rental, we can be the best partner for you. We will help you reach more customers and optimize your booking and collection process.