How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant – 8 Fun Ways To Announce The News

– Reserve a place at your favorite restaurant and request for the manager to surprise your husband with a special announcement during your meal or ask a waiter to send him a note to let him know you are going to have a baby. If you like Chinese restaurants, tell the waiter to put a note saying “Your wife is pregnant” in your husband’s fortune cookie to give him a pleasant surprise.

– Create a little scavenger hunt game at home and drop hints to your husband mature mom xxx ( on where to find the next clue which finally leads to a prize. If you want to be really cheeky, write a message like “You are going to be a dad” on your body and tell him in the final clue that his prize is underneath your clothes.

– Wrap a box and put a piece of paper in it that says something like “You will get your present 10 months from now!” and hand it to your husband. Tell him to open the present and he should know what to expect.

– Purchase some baby products and place them in strategic spots where he will see them. For example, get a baby seat and put it in your car to give him a big surprise. Alternatively, buy some baby clothes or diapers, wrap it up in a box and give it to him.

– If you already have a kid, purchase a custom shirt with the words “Big brother/sister to be!” and get him or her to wear it and show it to your husband.

– Squeal at the top of your voice to fool your husband into thinking you are in some sort of danger at home. When he arrives, flash him your best cheeky grin and show him your pregnancy test kit with the positive result!

If you have virtually any queries relating to wherever in addition to how you can use bangla new xxx [], you’ll be able to e-mail us in our web-page. – Prepare dinner for your husband with a variety of baby carrots, peas, corn and other mini vegetables and serve them on baby dinnerware.

– Send a huge bouquet of flowers and a card to your husband’s office to let him know you are pregnant. Most men do not receive flowers at work so this is really going to surprise him.

I hope these ideas will give you something to work on when you tell your husband about your pregnancy. I look forward to that day and wish you all the best.

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