Mt. Pulag Kabayan, Benguet

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Mt. Pulag

Every Saturdays and Sundays of the Month

📌2,922 meters above sea level
📌Highest peak in Luzon
📌3rd highest mountain in the country
📌Ambangeg Trail
📌 Playground of the Gods
📌Coldest place in the country

Event Fee: P3,200 ONLY


✔️ DENR Mt. Pulag Bulletin Board
✔️ 15 mins Orientation at DENR
✔️ Shopping at DENR
✔️ Monster Jeep to Ranger station (Topload Experience)
✔️ Mt. Pulag Ranger station sign board
✔️Shopping at Ranger station
✔️ Foodtrip at Ranger station
✔️ RELAX at their cozy Homestay
✔️Campsite Ground
✔️ Take a Bath with the coldest water you will ever experience
✔️ Trekking
✔️ Sunrise creative shots
✔️Sea Of Clouds ☁️: Towersite & Summit
✔️ Best Sunrise At Mt. Pulag 🌅
✔️ Stargazing at the Campsite
✔️ View of the Milkyway Galaxy at Camp1and2
✔️ Bonfire at the Campsite
✔️ Mossy Forest
✔️ 528 Plant species
✔️ 33 Bird Species
✔️ Dwarf Bamboo
✔️ Benguet Pine trees
✔️ Oldest Mossy Tree
✔️ Oldest Pine Tree
✔️Swiss Edelweiss of Mount Pulag is the only place in the Philippines where Austria's national flower grew
✔️ Mt Pulag Summit Board and Point Marker

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