How does a Traveler make a booking?

Step 1: Browse or Select an Offer

Step 2: Choose from the available offers

Step 3: Book the offer through our customer service representative

Step 6: Wait for the confirmation message within 48 hours.

How does a HOST make an offer?

Step 1: Make a title of your offer. Location must be included.

Step 2: Upload a video or pictures of your offer

Step 3: List in full the itinerary

Step 4: Show the available date or period of the offer

Step 5: List the amount to be paid per number of person to be included in the booking.

Step 6: Review the details

Step 7: Press “Post”

Step 8: Once your offer has been booked, you will instantly receive an email and a text message.

Step 9: CONFIRM or DECLINE the booking within 48 hours

Step 10: Receive your full payment within 24 hours after successful offer has been rendered.