Venice Luxury Residences Staycation

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The Venice Luxury Residences

🛎 Spacious 41 sqm executive studio with step-up balcony

hotel-like staycation,

resort-type amenities

with direct access to the Venice Grand Canal Mall⚜️

Php 3500 a day  good for 2 guests

plus one time 800 cleaning fee no matter how many days the stay

Additional 400/extra guests

up to 6 pax

We’re redefining the way you travel

with complimentary WiFi, Netflix, family friendly activities and fresh ways to indulge-our FREE access to our saunas, pools and fitness. Don’t miss a variety of awesome events at the “Most Romantic Mall”-The Grand Canal Mall. No trip to our place would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down for a Gondola ride and loads of performances at the Piazza!

Experience Venice!

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